Prfessional Services Automation

Software Solution that assist professionals in automating their end to end business workflow.

Projet Management

We accustom your business to create and develop automated business goals & objectives in order to achieve the specific results. With due dedication our team has the expertise to serve various Industries like Real Estate, Hospitality, Travel industry etc.

Resource Management

Resource Management focuses on providing the effective and efficient development of organizational resource; which generally include financial, human, inventory & IT resource management.

Timesheet Management

In any project the timeline of the project is of prime importance. User whether at office or on road can easily access & track the time graph for the project without investing hours in it.

Budget Management

Budget ensures the smooth functioning of day to day operational activities of any business. Our automation system maintains optimum balance between the expected revenues & expenses in the final budget and you can easily analyze the exact consumed and left budget.

Reporting & Billing Management

Under the Professional Service Automation, what we deliver is- a system that has a very strategic & exhaustive reporting so that you get to know the exact resultant statistics. For any business model to progress rapidly automation is required and for sustaining the growth, most important requirement is; the correct feedback system on the basis of which you make an analysis to improvise and that is only possible through a comprehensive, smart & strategic reporting system.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is the core need for the progress of any business. By providing a real time view to your project performance, we enable you to clearly monitor and analyze the overall performance of your project which includes profit margins, leakages and resource utilization etc.

7. Customer Relationship Management

For any business, customers are the life supplements therefore they need to get the professional commitment. For increasing the customer relationship with your business, an automated customer relationship management is required that manages your customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle & the strategic track record of your customer, and the services/products that needs to be delivered.

Features & Advantages Of PSA

Past 5 Years Experience........

Get More Visiblity On Your Business

Using PSA software gives project-centric organizations a 360 degree view of their projects.

Make Real-Time Decisions

PSA management can easily get the insight that they need to grow their business.

Reduce Operational Cost

PSA application has the ability to track challenge bills at a very granular stage.

Improve Resource Productivity

PSA software to fully grasp when assets with key skillsets are on hand will allow for actual-time optimization of resource productiveness.

Deploy Projects Timely

Monitoring the project PSA Solution You can deploy your projects with given time.

Reduce Hardware Maintenance Cost

Proper Management on all resource give you alternate use of it.That reduce the opertional Cost.

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