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Types of Software Testing

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Web & Software Testing Experience

We have quite a good experience in all types of website & software testing be it ever black-box testing or white-box testing.

Well Designed & Documented Test Reports

We follow the standard recommended protocol for softwae testing. For the testing done by us we will provide you with well designed documented test reports.

Security & Scalability Testing

We do emphasize and will run a test to vett the security or scalability front of the website or software. This plays important rolw in long term success.

Customer Perspective Testing

For the ultimate success and acceptance of the software, we also test the application from the perspective of end user who wil be using the same.

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  The quality of website or software you give your customers for using shows you sincerity towards your own brand. We are here to ensure that your software or website deliver a great user-experience by thoroughly scrutinizing the same at first level via testing services.

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This is how we deliver our developed software & applications after testing and testing services we offer for pre-developed ones.

Functional Testing Services

Functional Testing

We test the websites and web applications at a functional level in order to ensure the correctness of the working functions of the application that you need in your system.

Functional testing is carried out in such a manner where every single module is tested functionally at an individual level (unit testing) followed by integration testing that is to test functional aspects by combining more than one module together into a bundle of modules and finally performing the system testing where the complete application or system is tested functionality as a single unit.

Ui/UX Testing

Once the system is tested at the functional level then we focus on the testing of non-functional aspects of the system.

Smart UI/UX testing is carried out in order to verify the seamlessness of user interface so that user experience should not be hampered at any cost. UI/UX testing has a very important role, as seamless user interface design leads to higher level of user engagement.

UI UX Testing Service

Validation Testing

A good and technically sound application is the one which guides a user for any error at its own and reports a solution for the respective error within the application. Therefore, validation testing is very important and carried out during the functional testing.

Validation testing is carried out at two levels: Client Side & Server Side.

Load & Speed Testing

In case of specific software system or application that is to be accessed by large number of users i.e. the application that needs to serve huge information; in such cases load testing is very important.

In order to determine the load saturation point of an application; load is given on the application so as to test the number of simultaneous user accessibility it can serve and also the amount of data that can be served during the same.

Load Testing Service
Mobile Testing Service

Mobile Testing

Technology is growing rapidly day by day and as we have already entered into a digital era; the advancement & development is taking place at such a rapid rate that even smartphones have replaced the personal computers for accessing the applications & softwares.

Therefore, to align us with the high technology pace, we perform end to end mobile testing so as to ensure the flawless functional performance and correctness of an application on the mobile devices.

Security Testing Service

Security Testing

With the rapid technological advancement security vulnerabilities have also grown rapidly. Therefore, in order to maintain the optimum sustainability of software or a web application, security testing is performed with holistic view of the system so as to ensure that working system should not get hampered due to security leakages.

Cross Browser Testing Service

Cross Browser Testing

In order to grant the privilege and flexibility to an end user we perform cross-browser testing so that user application must work and perform flawlessly irrespective of the type of browser being used by the end user.

Automation Testing Service

Automation Testing

Automation testing focuses on testing the performance of those areas of the system or modules that have to perform in an automated mode and are required to give the results & reports automatically.

Wide Area Of Industries We Serve With Web & Software Testing Services

We have developed & tested websites and applications for various industry vertical


Medical & Healthcare

Real Estate

Financial Services


Retail & Manufacturing


Hotel & Restaurant


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Desktop OS

Mobile OS

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Testing Types


Local Testing is the ability to test local folders on the Browser Stack cloud.


Live or after launch testing is done on the live server to check the application performance in real-time scenario.


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Innovative Solution Technologies provided its client with a detailed testing report that helped me in understanding the issues with my software and quickly getting it fixed. I whole-heartedly recommend them for all your software testing services.
I hired Innovative Solution Technologies to test my software for my real estate business. They have an excellent team who is adept in their work. The work environment at Innovative Solution Technologies is very client friendly and everything is dealt professionally.

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Software testing refers to the process of testing or analysing the operation of a software under some conditions that has both normal and abnormal conditions. Under this process, testers intentionally create scenarios where things can go wrong so as to check the software’s efficiency.

Testing websites is a cumbersome process as they are client/server applications with web servers and browser clients. Features like expected load on the server, target audience, performance expected on the client side, security, HTML specifications, standards of page appearance, validation of links, tracking of programs should be considered while testing websites.

A test-plan is a well-detailed plan that talks about the focus, plan, approach, objective taken during a software testing project so that the team could have clarity over software testing. A typical ‘test-plan’ includes details about the target audience, legal requirements, risk analysis, testing priorities, database, etc.

Test case is a set of documents that contains details like test case name, test case identifier , conditions, input data, out data, steps involved, etc. A test case is a detailed analysis of an action and its expected response during software testing to check for the working of a particular feature.

Testing should be typically stopped when all the test cases are completed, the bug rate has decreased, the testing budget has exhausted or when the alpha/beta period is terminated and the deadline is reached.

A good code is a standardized code that is easily readable, is bug free, works well and can be easily maintained.

A software design is usually divided in two parts- an internal design and an external design. A good internal design is one which can be easily modified, understood and maintained. It also checks for a software’s logging capabilities, error handling , functional ratings, etc.
Whereas, a good functional design is one that judges the functionality of the design, i.e if all the end user requirements are met, then the software has a good functional design.


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